Welcome to Berkshire Healthcare Staff Bank

Earn Extra this Spring

This Spring, if you work shifts at Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust between the 25th of April,2018 and 30th May,2018, you qualify for a £100 Bonus payment. More details here!

Did you know that working as an NHS Professionals Flexible worker gives you great perks that include:-

• Weekly pay
• First choice of available shifts
• Flexible working hours
• Paid holidays
• Having a better work – life balance
• Stakeholder Pension Scheme available

We are looking for high quality and flexible workers to be able to provide high quality patient care. This is why we need more flexible workers, like you, to return or join our bank, in order to keep up the NHS standards:

Become part of the team
• Deliver the best care possible
• Build great relationships
• Develop your skills

Berkshire Healthcare Staff Bank works in partnership with NHS Professionals (NHSP) to recruit bank staff. When you join the NHSP bank you are subject to its terms and conditions but you’ll enjoy the following perks.
Whatever your availability we value your skills and experience and can provide you with a fantastic opportunity to work with us in a way that suits your lifestyle. Give us a call to find out more on 01344 415824

Meet the Team

Loretta Bishop

Team Administratory

01344 415824

Glyn Crowther

Trust Liaison Coordinator

07769 880586

Anna Maria Nenna

Client Relationship Manager

01344 415824

Helen Nicholson

Team Administrator

01344 415824

NHS Professionals Offices

3rd Floor, Fitzwilliam House, Skimped Hill Lane, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1BQ

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00

To book an appointment please call or email berkshirehealthcare@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk